Konsep dan Problematika

  • Jiilaan Ronaa Aanisah PKN STAN
  • Praptono Djunedi
  • Aditya Pancar Kusumandaru
  • Dina Wahyu Sekti
  • Farid Syurozi
  • Shafwani Nurin


Indonesia is a nation that has abundant natural resources. Unfortunately, this has not been managed optimally per the mandate of Article 33 paragraph 3 of the 1945 Constitution which reads "The earth, water and natural resources contained therein are controlled by the state and used for the greatest prosperity of the people". At present, state assets have not been managed in an integrated manner in the country's wealth balance system, so that until now Indonesia does not yet have a document that records and evaluates its assets in full, especially in terms of natural resources controlled by the state (according to what is contained in the 1945 Constitution). Conceptually, based on Law No. 17 of 2003 concerning State Finance, the government has prepared a balance sheet for assets whose procurement is sourced from the State Budget. However, no balance sheet universally consolidates all the State's assets. To realize the balance of the country's wealth, there are various problems in its preparation, ranging from regulations, human resources, area, technology, to the sense of patriotic.

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