The college work realsocial skills, the form of practice "tridharma perguruan tinggi": community service, about the management of village funds

  • Thio Berlian Sofian PKN STAN
Keywords: Decentralization, Village, Village Funds, community service


Decentralization is already launched in Indonesia, so the provinces in Indonesia are allowed to run independently their government. By using decentralization, Indonesia governmentexpect the provincies can grow optimum. However, in the implementation of decentralization policy the provinci governements still need some funding from the central government in order to run their provincies. To polish the decentralization policy that is already started in 2001, Indonesian governement established a new policy about Village Fundin 2015. With the passage of this policy there must be some risks that would disrupt the running of government in village that aims to build village. Hence the running of the governement in village has not optimal yet. Therefore, guardianship and supervision of village fund are needed to reduce some risks that might arise. So, in the management of village fund every single party has to make a synergy to participate in monitoring activities. It is expected to create a great development outcome according to the initial plan. The college work realsocial skils can be a tool to reduce some risk that might arise in managing village fund so in the future the social welfare of the villagers will be optimum.

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