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Research on SAKTI User Satisfaction at BPPK aims to know the satisfaction of user SAKTI and factors in SAKTI that are less and need to be improved. The study was conducted on 18 operators of SAKTI at the satker of BPPK scope. Research activities were conducted from May to June 2018. Data and information obtained from survey results were processed using two methods, namely descriptive statistical analysis and importance of performace analysis (IPA). From the results of this study concluded that overall, the value of factor performance is 4.05 so that it can be concluded the respondents are satisfied with the performance of SAKTI. The priority factors must be improved in accordance with the IPA results of SAKTI is the completeness of the report format in the application (4), the speed of studying the application (15), the speed of the helpdesk or servicedesk response when there are complaints (22), the surplus of the advantages of SAKTI application (19) application in support of report generation (9).


Keywords: Importance Performance Analysis, Priority for SAKTI improvement.

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